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My intention is to create insightful and useful content that helps you step into your magnificence, awaken your dreams and shine with confidence. If you want more out of life but lack the clarity and confidence about what you want and how to get there—then this blog is for you.

Allow Your Magnificence

You can expect to receive inspiration in the form of blog posts, quotes, poems, music, audio and video. I’m excited to introduce you to tools and resources that will support you in living the dream life you’ve always wanted. What I’ve learned on my journey has completely transformed my life and now I share this wisdom and love with you.

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Pamela Henry |Best-Selling Author | Certified Life Coach | Singer-Songwriter  Pamela Henry |Best-Selling Author | Certified Life Coach | Singer-Songwriter

Is Self-Help Keeping You Stuck In Limited Beliefs? Six Truths To Help You Move Forward

Self HelpEternal Existence

~Pamela Henry

Droplets of truth
Infuse my soul
With promise

My open heart
Greets this
With awe
And wonder
As I unlock
The layers that
Connect me to
Mysteries of the

Is there
Anyone who
Can tell me
Who I am?

Tones of wisdom
Float on a
Gentle wind
Gifting my
Soul with
Crystalline memories
Of my eternal


When I began my self-help journey several years ago, I had no idea what lay ahead. All I knew was that my self needed help.

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How To Be True To Yourself? Get Real About How You Feel

Be True To YourselfMagenta Sun

~Pamela Henry

Letting go
I melt into
An expanding
Magenta sun
Beyond the
Watery edges
Of my
Kaleidoscope into
Diamond stillness

An invisible
Stream of
Floods my heart
Violet flames
Consume the
Chaff of
Drifting skyward
Transmuting into
Embers of
Golden light.


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How To Overcome The Fear Of Being Visible


~Pamela Henry

This shadow of
Self doubt
Hammers my longing
For acceptance
With perceived
Ever present
In the recesses
Of my mind
I drop to my
Beckoning these
Lies to
Let me be

I close my eyes
And listen to
My heart song
Loving Spirit
Beckoning me home
Time and time
Laying every opportunity
To receive the truth
At my feet

I take a breath
And gently liberate
My blessed
Beacons of
Pure love
Radiate from my
Heart center
Piercing the
Boundaries of the
Universe and beyond.


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