Is Self-Help Keeping You Stuck In Limited Beliefs? Six Truths To Help You Move Forward

Self HelpEternal Existence

~Pamela Henry

Droplets of truth
Infuse my soul
With promise

My open heart
Greets this
With awe
And wonder
As I unlock
The layers that
Connect me to
Mysteries of the

Is there
Anyone who
Can tell me
Who I am?

Tones of wisdom
Float on a
Gentle wind
Gifting my
Soul with
Crystalline memories
Of my eternal


When I began my self-help journey several years ago, I had no idea what lay ahead. All I knew was that my self needed help.

As I reached midlife, I felt that all my dreams were behind me. I’d been told that my best years were yet to come but all I felt was lost and completely separate from the desire I once had to create something meaningful.

Personal DevelopmentWhat I didn’t realize at the time, was that I had many limiting beliefs that were preventing me from moving forward. These belief systems had defined me most of my life and in retrospect I had absolutely no idea that they were the reason for the feelings of lack that I was experiencing.

As I dipped my toe into the well of self-help, I was committed to finding something or someone to “fix” me. How hard could it be? Everything I read or listened to spoke about energy and how shifting your vibration is the key to healing yourself and creating the life you seek.

If only I could find the right technique or teacher to clear enough goop from my energy field, I would be freed from all feelings of unworthiness and the beliefs that I was too old, too fat and not good enough to deserve the life I wanted.

Does my journey sound familiar?

As I continued down the path of personal development I became more convinced that nothing would work for me. It seemed that everyone around me was having a-ha moments and getting “it” but I was perpetually on the outside looking in. “What is wrong with me?”, I asked myself time and time again.

Being willing to acknowledge that your journey is unique is essential to receiving the lessons that your life holds. As long as you look at those around you as a measure of your own success, you’ll never connect to the magnificent being you are.

What kept me going? Having a strong desire to live purposefully kept me moving forward and has been the key to shedding the layers that were keeping me stuck.

It’s natural to look to others for answers, especially when your perception is that they have what you want. But all this does is keep you in the loop of searching outside of yourself.

Here are six truths that helped me move beyond my limited beliefs and embrace the self-help I was looking for.

1. Nothing you want is outside of you. It all begins within. As you do your inner work, your outer world dynamically begins to reflect it.

2. Only you have the power to create the change you desire. Others can teach you and help you open the doors of awareness but you are responsible for making the change you’re asking for.

3. Self-love is the only way to create lasting change. Love is the highest frequency and therefore in alignment with your highest and best good.

4. There is no one else like you. Each one of you has your own unique gifts, talents and abilities. You’re worthy of expressing your individuality and in that, there is no competition. When you embrace this truth, your purpose unfolds.

5. Thought is the seed of creation but it isn’t until you water the seeds with right action that the physical manifestation of your desire shows up.

6. Enjoy the journey. There are pieces in the unfolding of that which you seek that are more powerful than what you perceive to be the destination. In other words, there are lessons along the way that are required to move forward. Be patient and trust the process.

As you navigate the twists and turns of your self-help journey, always remember how magnificent you are. Let these six truths remind you that the path you have chosen is an unfolding of the life you desire.

What is your experience with self-help? Which of these six truths resonate with you? Please let me know by sharing in the comments below or head over to my Facebook page.

With love and gratitude,

    Pamela Henry is a certified law of attraction coach, bestselling co-author of Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Cultivating Joy and Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Opening to Gratitude and Grace, forthcoming author of the book and companion music album Your Time To Shine and a singer-songwriter. In her early music career she shared the stage with Jazz Violinist Stephane Grappelli, Petula Clark and others. In addition to performing in concert and on television and radio, she had a top five charted song in Europe.

    Pamela left her music aspirations behind to pursue a career in Interactive Media and Marketing. Coming full circle, she now shares her message of discovering your true self and shining your light, through the written word and song. As a law of attraction coach, she is passionate about helping you live the life you've always dreamed of.

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    14 thoughts on “Is Self-Help Keeping You Stuck In Limited Beliefs? Six Truths To Help You Move Forward

    1. I like this post very much. I actually wrote something like this today. Midlife certainly is a difficult time but I am finding it much more rewarding than I assumed it would be.

      • Thank you Sabra. I agree. Moving beyond our assumptions and expectations is essential to living a more rewarding and fabulous life. I’ve learned that there is beauty in each phase of life and as I continue to shed my expectations of what I think my life should be, wonderful experiences and gifts I never knew I had show up. We all deserve a life that shines at any age! <3

    2. For many years, I worked as a mental health provider. I’m grateful to have met many, many women who stepped into their own power and discovered the beautiful woman who was waiting for her.

    3. What a beautiful and vulnerable post that I’m sure resonates with many women on this path as it did with me. This part really resonates with me…

      “Being willing to acknowledge that your journey is unique is essential to receiving the lessons that your life holds. As long as you look at those around you as a measure of your own success, you’ll never connect to the magnificent being you are.”

      Thank you for sharing your light and magnificence with us. Xoxo

      • Thank you Linda. Yes, this truth really resonates with those of us on the path. No matter what our story is, one of the biggest challenges is claiming the beauty of our individuality. It’s so powerful when we finally get that our magnificence lies in our uniqueness. xo

    4. I am so aligned with everything you’ve written here, Pamela. I especially love number 5, the power of “watering the seeds” of creative thoughts with right action. It’s one that I see people neglect. Thanks for being such a shining light!

      • Thank you for sharing Laurie. It’s interesting that you see people neglect right action. I’ve experienced it in myself and observed it in others as well. I think sometimes we don’t even know what right action to take, so we give up. Part of “watering the seeds” is consistency and persistence. You can’t just water a seed once and expect it to grow. xo

    5. I’d add #8: Comparison is the thief of joy – to compare my journey to your journey or anyone esle’s for that matter was probably my biggest limiting belief, “I should be farther along than I am.” UGH. Once I realized that we’re all on a journey and we’re all at different points along the journey, I realized the only one I can compare myself to is me and where I was yesterday. 🙂

      • “I should be farther along than I am.” Oh yeah. Been down that nasty road more than once. Comparison and competitiveness are powerful distractions to claiming your unique journey. “Comparison is the thief of joy” – definitely adding that to the list:) Thanks Peggy. xo

    6. Pam, #2 & #6 are critical for me to keep in mind! Thank you for writing this article, just as I am struggling with completion of my Kindness Junkie book draft for the publisher. Great advice to take to heart. xo Tae

      • Wow, congratulations on your upcoming book Tae! I look forward to reading it. What a beautiful unfolding of your magnificence. I’m so happy that these 2 truths support you at this point on your journey. xo