I decided to work with a Law of Attraction Coach because I am building a new business and was overwhelmed by the steps and choices to make in order to promote my business. I was struggling with making choices that were authentic and felt good. I was hesitant to do the coaching because I thought I had too much on my plate already and just simply did not have the time.

After just one session with Pamela Henry, I noticed an immediate shift. She helped me to get reconnected with my truths. I felt immediate relief and started making choices that resonated with my core self and soul. Ironically, by doing this it opened up time and space for me to enjoy my work and life more. I am feeling more centered and at peace. I am more trusting that I have all the answers within me and if I do what works for me,what feels good; the universe will provide.

I recommend Pamela Henry because she truly holds you in the highest vision of yourself, honors your inner wisdom and offers her special touch in individualizing the service to you. She goes the extra mile.

Francesca Dattilo, MSW
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Soon to be certified Style Coach
Francesca D., Ontario

I have read many self help books but nothing has made a difference like my personal coaching sessions with Pamela.

I am so excited about my coaching sessions and look forward to going over my successes with her each week. Her heart centred insights and guidance have helped me discover my value in ways I could never have imagined. I can’t always see the answers on my own, so with her support I am able to dissect my struggles and move beyond them.

Having a life coach keeps me focused on doing what it takes to create the change I want in my life, because I feel I have a responsibility to myself and Pamela. She keeps me on the right track which is hard to do by myself!

If you are ready to attract everything you want in your life, I am confident in recommending her. I love the results I’m getting from my weekly sessions. It will be the best decision you ever make!Rolanda N., British Columbia

Pamela is an amazing coach and I feel so grateful to be connected to her. She has a wonderful demeanor and is able to connect with me on any issue we discuss in our sessions.

I have experienced real growth and personal awareness by working with her and I look forward to expanding this further as I continue to engage her services.  She is truly a gifted coach; always present and gives so fully of herself in all that she does.

Thank you, Pamela, for helping me to navigate through so many challenging issues and to build the life I really want!Alex B., Nevada

I have had the pleasure of working with Pamela and her coaching has been very helpful.

Her ability to guide me past my limiting beliefs and get to the core of what my real desires are was hugely helpful. With her insightful, and heartfelt guidance I was able to set goals based on my real inner desires rather than just what I thought would make the most sense.

I have passed her name along to my business associates knowing her work is solid.

Cathy S., California

While working with Pamela as my coach, I have experienced great personal growth and improved my overall self confidence.

She managed to get connected with my process from the very first session and guided me, not only to get back in my best life track, but she also shared great coaching tools that helped me a great deal.

I am confident recommending her as a sensitive and insightful coach with the capacity of helping anybody to attract overall life abundance. I always look forward to my coach sessions with her because after the session is over, I always get the feeling that I have learned something about myself.

I love that she is always looking at the best part of me which helps me to see and connect with the best version of myself as well.Carmen F., Oklahoma

Pamela is a very inspired coach!

She helped me get clear on how and why my intentions were not attracting the results I desired and helped me get clear on what I really want instead of focusing on the how. She also helped me release what I thought should be happening in regards to my ex-husband, which created a huge energetic shift for me!

With these blocks gone, the inspiration started flowing immediately! Thanks Pamela! Debbie H., Utah

I am so impressed with Pamela. I had been doing some research on the Law of Attraction but I was feeling a little stuck. Pamela coached me on how to strengthen my vibration.

I loved how supportive and encouraging she was. She gave me tools to use in my daily life that will help me change my thought process and look at things in a different way. I have already started to see things manifesting. I feel so excited to continue on my journey.

I am confident that by using the strategies and tools that Pamela gave me that I will be able to manifest my desires in abundance!Jessica L., Oregon

I am feeling that I enjoy my life to the fullest since I started my coaching sessions with Pamela.

In my first coaching session I did a process to increase love in a relationship. In the week following the session, that relationship and all my other relationships expanded completely, pouring support, love and innumerable gifts on me.

My world feels like an ocean of abundance and I love working with Pamela. I have manifested a coaching career using the tools she has taught me.

My life has changed. After my first session I was gifted with a dream vacation and I received an amazing increase in personal wealth, as well as overall freedom of mind.

I feel I can control or create anything and this is contagious, as all those who know me and come in contact with me are starting to feel the same.

I recommend life coaching with Pamela to those who are ready to love and reward themselves infinitely.Ayesha A., Ontario

So much has changed in my life since I started my coaching sessions with Pamela.

Having a Life Coach is a must for everyone. I feel that my coaching sessions with Pamela have helped me improve my perspective about myself and my kids. She has shared intangible, precious wisdom, knowledge and support that has helped me shift my limiting beliefs about myself and how to take care of my daily chores with my kids.

Working with Pamela has helped me see my life in a different way and this helps me make changes to improve my life. I am confident that working with Pamela can improve your life too!

The part I love about my sessions with her, is when I realize how to make positive changes in areas of my life that haven’t been working well.

Here is an example of what has changed.  My son was always grumpy and late waking up in the morning. When I applied what Pamela taught me, he is always waking up with energy!   Another example is that my bank gave a consolidated debt from 19.9 percent to 5 percent!

Awesome job Pamela!  Thank you and bless you! Venus M., Ontario

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    Pamela left her music aspirations behind to pursue a career in Interactive Media and Marketing. Coming full circle, she now shares her message of discovering your true self and shining your light, through the written word and song. As a life coach, she is passionate about helping you live the life you've always dreamed of.

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