How To Cultivate Kindness In Your Day-To-Day

Be KindOn Being Kind

~Pamela Henry

Observing each
Instance of self-destruction
I wonder if you
See the truth
Of your own

Wrapping my arms
Around the space of
I envision
Thoughts frozen in
Melting into a
Pool of love

Kindness rises above all
Bringing harmony to each
Infusing gentleness within
Life experiences that
Differ from your own
Beyond the heart of humanity
In selfless waves
Of personal desire
To see and
Be seen
To be at
Peace with
Oneself and
At peace
With others

Can you
Drop your judgement
At the door of
Compassion and
Bathe in the open heartedness that
Pours forth in
A sun shower of
Understanding and

Reflect in the mirror
Of self honesty
Does kindness shine
Behind your eyes?


Kindness changes everything. When someone treats you with friendliness, generosity and consideration it cuts through any existing judgement and allows a loving experience to unfold. This heartfelt compassion, without the expectation of anything in return, changes lives unlike anything else.

KindnessWho doesn’t love being around someone who is genuinely kind?

Being kind brings meaning to your life and the lives of others. It has its source deep within you and expresses itself as a heart connection that comes from truly seeing another person.

No matter who you are, embracing kindheartedness as a conscious practice will improve your life and the lives of those you come in contact with. And it starts within you. It’s difficult to have compassion for others if you don’t have it for yourself. The more kindness you show yourself, the more you will gift to others.

How do you begin to cultivate more kindness in your day-to-day?

Self-kindness begins with awareness. Learn to pay attention to how you interact with the comings and goings of your daily life. Do you treat yourself with gentleness and compassion as opposed to judgement and self recrimination?

Are you willing to release judgement and shift your perspective? Kindliness can help you become a better communicator by simply acknowledging that other opinions may differ from your own.

One of the easiest ways to nurture selflessness is through forgiveness. Forgiveness lightens your load by consciously choosing a benevolent perspective. Most of us react to our limited belief systems out of habit instead of choosing to respond in kindness. When you realize that you have a choice the game changes.

When you find yourself being critical or intolerant of yourself or when things don’t work out the way you would have liked, imagine a big stop sign. This is your reminder to stop and take a moment to shift your perspective from your negative mind chatter and judgement into allowance. Being in allowance of yourself and others is the ultimate kindness.

How do the kind people in your life make you feel? When others are unselfish, thoughtful and love and accept you for who you are, it leaves you with a feeling of worthiness. You can replicate this feeling as you share it freely with others.

Kindness is a high vibrational state of being and it’s those high vibes that are in alignment with the life you want to live. Therefore being kind is an effective way to raise your vibration and create the wonderful experiences that you desire.

Beware of conditional kindness. We’ve all experienced someone at some point who is manipulative and uses kindness for the sole purpose of getting what they want. Kindliness is not about hidden agendas, self-interest or superficial generosity. It’s not pretending to be nice or care for someone or being a people pleaser in order to not “rock the boat”.

Here are 3 tips to help you build your kindness practice.

  1. Kindness is your strength. Be compassionate and caring in your interactions with everyone, especially those who get under your skin.
  2. Do something kind for someone each day. Include everyone, not just those you perceive are in need.
  3. Practice presence. Be a good listener and take interest in getting to know yourself and others at a deeper level.

What will you do this week to spread more kindness in the world? Please let me know by sharing in the comments below or head over to my Facebook page.

With love and gratitude,

    Pamela Henry is a certified law of attraction coach, bestselling co-author of Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Cultivating Joy and Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Opening to Gratitude and Grace, forthcoming author of the book and companion music album Your Time To Shine and a singer-songwriter. In her early music career she shared the stage with Jazz Violinist Stephane Grappelli, Petula Clark and others. In addition to performing in concert and on television and radio, she had a top five charted song in Europe.

    Pamela left her music aspirations behind to pursue a career in Interactive Media and Marketing. Coming full circle, she now shares her message of discovering your true self and shining your light, through the written word and song. As a law of attraction coach, she is passionate about helping you live the life you've always dreamed of.

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